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IT disposal & Trade in

Xeptor allows you to buy back your clients redundant hardware, simply turning it into hard cash. We will offer you a current market valuation within 24 hours. If you accept our offer you may decide to sell, use as a credit towards your next purchase or to offset the value allowing a trade in. Xeptor can also take care of your old equipment should it have no market value, eliminating the hassle of storing excess assets by disposing of it in accordance with the WEEE guidelines.

The benefits of IT disposal & Trade In:

  • Best possible value for depreciated hardware

  • Environmentally friendly (CSR)

  • Blancco certified (old data is permanently and safely removed from old devices)

  • Have your customer make a responsible choice when disposing of their oldhardware. Throughout our whole refurbishing process we clean the hardware,we judge it on its cosmetic condition and we thoroughly test it on its technicalperformance. Working devices are then pre-programmed with a licensed versionof Windows, are packaged and put into storage, where it awaits distribution.Defect hardware is repaired where possible. Working spare parts are used toreplace broken ones. Finally, leftover unusable devices are recycled into new rawmaterials according to the ISO 14001 certification. The value of the old hardware isthen returned to you; for payment to you customer, or as margin yourself.

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